resilient 快活な

July 14, 2015 =========
☆ resilient 快活な
Last month I read a book about raising resilient kids. It was called, “Brainstorm” by Daniel Siegel. In it he talks about the adolescent years (which he says are from 12 -24 years old, not just the teenage years) and how parents can help their teenagers be more resilient. I really liked the ideas in this book; however, the book itself was very difficult to read! It had some very hard concepts and data in it. And of course, the actions he wanted parents and teens to take weren’t easy either!
One of the simpler things he suggested for becoming a more resilient person was to practice a thing called “Time-In”. This “Time-In” is about focusing inwards, almost like a meditation. It can be one minute a day, ten minutes, or a few times throughout the day and you are taking time to intentionally focusing on your inner world and what is going on inside your mind. There is so much technology these days that we spend a lot of time connecting with others and not much time connecting with ourselves. Taking a few minutes a day for a “Time-In” can help our brains remain strong, healthy and resilient. You don’t have to be a teenager to do this, why not give it a try?