vigor 活力

July 6, 2015 =========
☆ vigor 活力
Have you ever noticed that American and British spelling are different on some words? In particular, words with “or” in American spelling are sometimes spelled with “our” in British English. So American spelling is “vigor” and British spelling is “vigour.” Color and colour. Favorite and favourite. Humor and humour. Behavior and behavior. The words are still pronounced the same way so it’s more just a written English difference.
A while ago I found this funny “infographic” about the problem of printing words with “our” instead of “or” spelling. It’s about printing with expensive vs. cheap fonts, and the cost of British spelling… it estimates that the Harry Potter series has sold 450 million copies each series has 4,224 pages, so that is 1.9 trillion pages!! They say that if the printers used “color” instead of “colour” each time, they could have saved 145 trees!! That’s a lot of trees!! If you’re interested, check out this fun page with an easy-to-understand infographic of this.