endless 果てしない

June 21, 2015 =========
☆ endless 果てしない
It’s Father’s day in Japan, right? For some reason, Father’s Day is not until September in Australia. It’s strange, because our Mother’s Day is the same as Japan – in May. So when I was living in Japan, I would forget Father’s Day in September and my dad would be annoyed, and then living back in Australia, I forgot to celebrate Father’s Day for my husband in June… Why do they make these things so hard to remember!
Now, back to the word of the day! So, when my father was still alive and I was in Japan and forgot to call him, he would send me endless emails about how I’d forgotten! He was only joking, but eventually, after endless discussions, he decided that he would celebrate Father’s Day twice – once with all my family in Australia in September, and once with me in Japan, in June. It was a good solution in the end.
So, that’s my recent experience of an endless discussion… what was yours? What was the situation and why did the discussion seem endless?