flourish  繁栄する

June 12, 2015 =========
☆ flourish  繁栄する
If something flourishes it is successful or common, and developing quickly and strongly. It is usually used to talk about nature, for example, an animal or plant might flourish – grow well – if the conditions are right. That reminds me, my edamame plant is NOT flourishing here in Australia… we just don’t seem to have the right weather for it to grow well.
The other main use for flourish is to talk about something that is doing well, although it may not be a good thing. For example; “Business flourished and within six months, they were making a profit.”(Good news!) Or “Prejudice and racism still flourish in many parts of the world.” (Not such good news!) You can also describe someone as flourishing, for example, “Her son really flourished once he changed schools.” And “She is really flourishing in her new position at work.”