willing 熱心な

May 30, 2015 =========
☆ willing 熱心な
If someone is “willing” to do something, they are fairly happy about doing it if they are asked or required to do it. I was thinking that I’d describe my oldest son as a very willing person – just this month he started doing his own laundry (washing and putting away his clothes). He was very willing and enthusiastic to start doing it himself. But then I thought, when I ask him to help put the trash out in the street for the garbage collectors he usually complains – he’ll do it, but he is definitely not willing to do…
I guess this is an easy way to see what our passions are, right? If you are willing to do something there must be some reason, maybe you get some pleasure out of the task, or perhaps it’s fun for you. I think my son (who is only 7) likes to use the washing machine because he thinks it is a “machine” and not connected to the “washing” part! But the garbage is obviously not much fun for anyone…
What “chores” are you willing to do or unwilling to do? Can you see any connections between those things and the things you are passionate about or love doing?