tongue-tied 口ごもった

May 27, 2015 =========
☆ tongue-tied 口ごもった
When you are tongue-tied, you are unable to speak from shyness, embarrassment, or surprise. For example, when my brother-in-law organized a surprise birthday party for my sister on the day she came back from holiday, she was totally tongue-tied! She was so surprised to see everyone there (but I also think she just wanted to relax after coming back from her holiday!!)
Have you ever been tongue-tied? I think it might be a common feeling for Japanese people when they are trying to speak English, right? Don’t let embarrassment stop you from speaking English, though, OK? Everyone makes mistakes, even native speakers. If you are having trouble thinking of the word you want to say, instead of standing there being tongue-tied, tell the person that you are tongue-tied! No need to apologize, just say, “I often get tongue-tied when I speak English.” The other person will smile, then you can smile back, and everyone will relax – and English is much easier when you are relaxed!