fair きれいな

May 13, 2015 =========
☆ fair きれいな
When you are describing someone and you use the word “fair” it generally means that they have light hair or blonde hair, and light colored skin. It’s typical to talk about someone who has fair skin or fair hair as someone who gets sunburned easily. For example, “My kids are so fair they need to wear hats all summer otherwise they’ll get sunburned.”
This is the most common use of “fair”, however you can also use it to say that someone is beautiful, lovely, or pretty. In this case, you would most likely find it in written English, in novels set in the past or talking about historical events. In other words, today’s meaning is not as commonly used as the other meanings of fair, but you will still see it occasionally, mostly to describe a woman, for example, “ a fair maiden.”