excitement 興奮

May 2, 2015 =========
☆ excitement 興奮
We can add the suffix “-ment” to a verb to describe the state of that verb. For example, in today’s case, the verb is “excite” and we add the suffix to it, to create “excitement” meaning the state of being excited. Here are some sentences to compare:
My son is excited because it’s his birthday next week.
My son is filled with excitement because it’s his birthday next week.
Everyone is very excited.
Everyone is in a state of great excitement.
As you can see, in these cases you can use either the verb or the noun, it just depends on what grammar you use. In some cases though, it only makes sense if you use the noun:
A rush of excitement made her blush.
It’s hard sometimes to know the difference between excitement and love.
In my excitement I dropped my book.
A feeling of excitement filled her as the plane took off.
Can you use excitement in a sentence?