value system 価値体系

April 30, 2015 =========
☆ value system 価値体系
Your value system is a set of beliefs or attitudes that you have. We can also talk about a group of people or a culture as having a value system. For example, my son’s school has a value system; they have a set of ideals which they believe are important for creating happy, healthy, positive students. Some of the values are the kids learn are respect, responsibility, and fairness.
Whenever the kids are misbehaving, or not acting according to the value system of the school, they get a “value reminder” which is a little reminder from their teacher about the value that they have “forgotten.” If they receive too many value reminders, then they have to go to the principal’s office! It seems like a good way to reinforce a good value system, I think. What kind of system do Japanese schools have?
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