example 手本

April 28, 2015 =========
☆ example 手本
The most common way to use today’s word is to talk about someone’s behavior being an example to other people. In this way, you mean that their behavior is good or correct and that other people should copy it:
He has a lot of experience and is an example to the younger teachers at the school.
Her example shows us what we are all capable of if we take consistent action.
You can also use this word with verbs in set phrases, such as “set an example” meaning that you encourage or inspire others to behave similarly to you.
His job was to set an example for the new recruits.
The president should set an example for others to follow.
Also, another common verb phrase is to “make an example of” someone, which is when you punish another person in order to warn others not to copy that person’s behavior.
The judge gave the longest sentence to the criminal in order to make an example of him.
Do you know any other ways to use “example”?