save 助ける

April 25, 2015 =========
☆ save 助ける
There are lots of ways to use the verb “save”. Of course, today’s meaning is used when you save something or someone; this means you help them avoid harm or escape from a difficult or dangerous situation. For example; “The elderly man was saved from the fire.” Or “The government is trying to save over 10,000 jobs in the car industry.” Or “When I was younger I saved a kid who fell into a swimming pool.”
But there are other uses for “save”. Do you know them?
save – collect money, usually in order to buy something that you want.
save – time or money – you try to prevent wasting time or money.
save – the goalkeeper prevents the other team from getting a goal
save – save someone from an unpleasant action or experience – you change the situation so they don’t have to experience it. For example, “We can do our taxes online now, which saves us from having to wait in line at the tax office.”
Did you know these other uses of “save”?