leap  ドキドキする

April 22, 2015 =========
☆ leap  ドキドキする
When your heart leaps, you have a sudden, strong feeling of surprise, fear, or happiness. This is a more formal use of the word “leap”, and you’ll often find it in books – especially romance. A very common way to use this word is, “My heart leaped at the sight of her/him.” In other words when you saw that person you felt a strong feeling of excitement and happiness.
You can also use this when something scares you – for example, when I was living in Ishigaki, I often went running and once you left the city area, it was mostly farming area – and a lot of people had big dogs that were not kept on leads or behind fences!! Every time I ran and saw a dog my heart leaped! I have dogs, and I’m not scared of dogs… not usually, but of course, these dogs were guard dogs, and I was running, so I made them nervous and they made my heart leap!! Ha ha!
When was the last time your heart leaped? What was the reason?