superb 素晴らしい

April 15, 2015 =========
☆ superb 素晴らしい
If you look at the useful phrases for this week, one is “The dinner was superb.” The other day I said that you could say “The dinner was exquisite,” remember? So which should you say? Well, probably using “superb” would be the better choice. “Exquisite” might make the person you said it to feel a bit embarrassed as it is a very big compliment.
So, if you were eating the freshest sushi at the most famous sushi establishment in Tokyo and you were complimenting the chef, then of course, “Tonight’s sushi was exquisite” is the appropriate compliment. If your husband or wife has cooked you a dinner that was delicious (and you want them to cook again!) then “The dinner was superb.” is a good way to compliment them. I hope your dinner tonight is superb!