overcome 乗り越える

April 8, 2015 =========
☆ overcome 乗り越える
Today’s meaning is about overcoming a problem or feeling, which means that you successfully dealt with the problem. This word is commonly used when talking about obstacles, or talking about goal setting; we face obstacles that we must overcome in order to reach our goals.
However, there are two other ways to use this word – do you know the other two meanings?
One is similar to “overwhelm” or “affected”. When you are overcome by a feeling or an event it has a strong effect on you, and you cannot think clearly.
The night before the event, he was overcome by fear.
A dizziness overcame her and she fell to the ground.
The second meaning has a specific use and it is for situations when someone is overcome by something such as smoke in a fire. This is usually used in reporting events like a house fire; the victims were overcome by the smoke as they tried to escape the fire. Usually it means that you become sick or ill because of the smoke, fumes, or smell that you breathed in.
Did you know those two meanings as well?