longing 憧れ

April 4, 2015 =========
☆ longing 憧れ
If you are longing for something or have a longing for something it means you are feeling sad about that thing as you want it very much. If you have ever lived in another country for a while then you might have felt a longing for your family or familiar faces.
In fact, when I was teaching in Japan, one of the things I heard from students that had lived overseas for a few weeks or months as a home-stay student was that they had a longing for Japanese white rice! Of course, you can buy Japanese rice quite easily in most places, but it is not a common part of western meals, so my students felt a longing for it because they couldn’t eat it as frequently as they wanted!
Are you longing for anything at the moment? For me, it’s just one month into autumn and already I’m longing for summer to return!!