seldom めったに~しない

March 29, 2015 =========
☆ seldom めったに~しない
If something seldom happens, it only happens occasionally. I seldom go to the movies. When I was younger, I went often. “Often” is the opposite of “seldom”. If you read a lot of English books, then you are more likely to see the word “seldom”. In reality, the word “seldom” is seldom used when speaking English!
In spoken English, we are more likely to say “occasionally” or “hardly ever”. So if I were speaking to someone, I would say, “I hardly ever go to the movies” rather than “I seldom go to the movies.” Both are correct though, so you can use either one. However, “seldom” is more formal.
Other words you could also use include rarely, infrequently, and not often.