lasting 持続する

March 26, 2015 =========
☆ lasting 持続する
Sometimes the most effective way to learn new words is to make sure that they make a lasting impression on you. How can you make a lasting memory of a word? Well the easiest way is to connect it to you in some way, either through a sentence or phrase that you like. Or through an image that has meaning for you. Remember I talked about a champagne bottle popping open after being filled with “bottled up emotions”… hopefully that image made a lasting impression on you.
And hopefully today, I have used the word “lasting” a few times in context so that will have shown you how to use the word in a meaningful way, and that should have helped today’s word made a lasting reminder of the word and its’ meaning. I hope so! But if not, then is there another way the word “lasting” could make a lasting impact on you?