recall 思い出す

March 13, 2015 =========
☆ recall 思い出す
When you recall something, you remember it. You can usually use “remember” or “recall”. For example, in the following sentences you could use “recall” or “remember”:
She recalled/remembered that she had met Mr. Smith during a business trip in Tokyo.
I seem to recall/remember her mentioning a party this weekend.
Do you recall/remember what she was wearing?
I don’t recall/remember when I saw him last.
One main difference is that “recall” cannot be used when you want to “not forget to do something.” For example, when you leave the house to go out, you would say to the person you are with, “Did you remember to lock the door?” but you couldn’t say, “Did you recall to lock the door?” However, if you come home and find that a burglar has gotten into your house and stolen things, the police might ask you, “Do you recall locking the door?” So as you can see, they are asking you if you remember locking the door when you left the house. The difference is about remembering something versus forgetting something.
Hope that is helpful, and not confusing!!