offer 申し出る

March 10, 2015  =========
☆ offer 申し出る
As with most English words, there are a few ways to use it. It’s always a good idea to learn the different ways to use the word – even if the meaning is a little different from the Japanese translation.
Today’s word, “offer” can be used when you are offering something, such as information or praise. You can offer love and friendship. And of course, you can offer to do something for someone, and you can offer an actual thing to someone, such as a coffee or drink. Here are some example sentences:
I offered him an apple when he got home from school.
She offered to teach him how to swim.
My company offers advice on investing for retirement.
The president offered sympathy to the victims of the disaster.
That coffee shop offers good quality coffee!
Can you create a sentence using “offer”?