affect 影響を及ぼす

March 9, 2015 =========
☆ affect 影響を及ぼす
If you’ve read my mini-mails for a few years, you’ve probably heard me talk about the difference between “affect” and “effect”. This is something that even native speakers make mistakes with, so I’ll talk about it again today. If you already know this then you can check that you have still got the right meaning.
Affect is a verb meaning to change or influence something in some way.
“Smart Phones have affected our lives in ways we didn’t expect.”
“The disease affected her lungs and she had trouble breathing.”
Effect is usually used as a noun, and it is talking about a change which occurs because something else has happened. “The report talked about the effect of noise on people who work in the factory.”
However, “effect” can also be used as a verb, and if you “effect” something that you are trying to achieve, you succeed in achieving it. Although this is a formal use, you still might see it in writing, or hear it spoken so it’s best to know the meaning. As an example, your boss might say to you, “Please effect these changes by Monday.”