cure 治癒

March 1, 2015  =========
☆ cure 治癒
When you were in school, did your teacher ever give you a statement and then ask you to “agree or disagree”? This was common – especially in social studies and English class. For example, this month’s topic is “Hugging is the best cure.” If I were at school, my teacher would say – or write on the blackboard – “Hugging is the best cure, agree or disagree?” and then our activity would be to either discuss or write about our opinion. In other words, do we agree – or disagree – that hugging is the best cure.
Did you ever do that kind of thing in school? It’s actually a very easy way to get a discussion happening, because you can’t just say, “yes, I agree” or “no, I disagree”. You also need to add in your reasons why you agree or disagree. Often the teacher would add, “and why?” at the end to make sure that people did think past the answer of just “yes” or “no”.
So, “hugging is the best cure, agree or disagree?”