broad  広大な

February 25, 2015 =========
☆ broad  広大な
You can use “broad” in two ways, firstly to describe something that is wide. For example, “he has broad shoulders” or “she greeted me with a broad smile.” (By the way, when we talk about people, we usually say “broad” rather than “wide”)
Secondly, it can be used to describe something that has a large number of different things or people in it. For example, “We discussed a broad range of topics.” Or, “She has lived in an English-speaking country, so she has a broad vocabulary.”
Or, how about this, “Even though she has never lived abroad, she has a broad English vocabulary.” Wouldn’t you love to be described this way? You can have a broad vocabulary by learning alternatives to the word of the day. Imagine if you learned just two alternatives for each word each day; that would be over a 1,000 words for a year!