hurried  大急ぎの

February 24, 2015 =========
☆ hurried  大急ぎの
Today’s word is actually the past tense form of the verb “to hurry”. So sometimes you might need to know the context in order to know if it is verb or an adjective. Of course, when it is an adjective, it is describing something, so it is generally easy to pick, for example, “we said our hurried goodbyes and he jumped on the train before the doors closed” is an adjective. You could say something like this though: “we say our goodbyes quickly and he hurried on the train before the doors closed.” In this sentence, “hurried” is a verb instead of using “jumped.”
Have a look at these and decide if it’s an adjective or a verb (Answers below):
1. She gave a hurried glance in his direction.
2. He hurried upstairs to see his wife.
3. The novel was interesting but it was a hurried ending, so I was disappointed.
4. A hurried meeting was called by the managers.
5. She hurried to get a seat on the train.
Answers: A, V, A, A, V