terrified  怯えた

January 24, 2015 =========
☆ terrified  怯えた
Look it’s another, “don’t use ‘very’” situation! Instead of saying, “very scared” you can say you are terrified. Do you hate high places? If so, you can say, “I’m terrified of heights.”
Young children who don’t like the dark would be described as “terrified of the dark.” Ooh, one thing that a lot of people are terrified of – spiders! (And snakes.) In Australia, that’s because quite a few of our spiders (and snakes!) are poisonous! So there is a good reason to be terrified, but funnily enough, I’ve only ever seen a snake in Japan, not in Australia. Although I think the snake I saw in Japan was also poisonous….
Is there something that you are terrified of? What is it?