risky  危険な

January 19, 2015 =========
☆ risky  危険な
One of the best ways to learn and remember words is to find some way to connect it to you and your life. For example, as soon as I saw this word, I thought of one of the first M-rated movies I ever saw, Risky Business with Tom Cruise. Ha ha, that movie is so old!! I feel old now! But, this is a perfect example of a memory trick – the idea of it makes me laugh a little bit, it’s connected to me and my experience, so I’m much more likely to remember it.
How about you? Have you seen that movie? Just kidding!
If an action or activity is risky, it is dangerous or likely to fail. So is there any situation or experience in your life that you would describe as “risky”? If so, connecting the word to your experience can help remember it.