doubtful  不確かな

January 11, 2015 =========
☆ doubtful  不確かな
Oh, I like some of the alternative words for today’s word. Do you know any? Firstly, of course, the meaning of today’s word! You can use “doubtful” when you want to say that something is unlikely to happen, or if you are doubtful about something it means you feel unsure about it. So, what about some other words meaning the same? Here is my favorite one, which is commonly used in spoken conversation:
Have you heard of this word? If something is “iffy” it is uncertain or doubtful. “His political future looked iffy after the scandal.” In this sentence you could use “doubtful” or “iffy”. If you were writing something or speaking more formally, then use “doubtful.” If you are having a casual conversation, then why not try using “iffy”?