talkative  おしゃべり

January 6, 2015 =========
☆ talkative  おしゃべり
I have a friend who is so talkative that her nickname is “chat chat” because she is always chat chat chatting! Are you a talkative person? Do you think being talkative is a positive or negative trait? In western culture, it’s generally a positive trait – someone who is talkative is considered to be friendly and outgoing.
Are you different when you talk in Japanese compared to English? Strangely, I think I am more talkative in Japanese than I am in English…not sure why! How about you? Would you say you are more talkative in English or in Japanese? Would you like to be more talkative? If you would, then with English, try to take charge and start conversations whenever you can; forget about being nervous, just go for it!