stress ストレス

December 30, 2014 =========
☆ stress ストレス
It’s almost the end of the year! Do you feel stress at this time? For most westerners, now that the stress of Christmas has finished, the New Year is actually quite a relaxing time. Christmas is the time when we must visit family and have big lunches and dinners together, and this can be a big stress for some people, especially if it involves a lot of travel.
But then once Christmas is over, it’s the New Year, which we usually spend with friends, at someone’s house or at a fireworks event, and so it is a time of little stress and lots of relaxing! This is complete opposite of the situation in Japan, right? Christmas is a fun time to spend on a date or with friends, and then the New Year has a lot of things that must be done, and responsibilities such as cooking the Osechi, right? Do you feel stress at this time of year? If so, what’s your plan of attack? In other words, how are you going to beat the stress and enjoy the New Year celebrations?