unaffected  気取らない

December 26, 2014 =========
☆ unaffected  気取らない
Today’s word is an adjective and it can be used in two very different ways! The first way is today’s meaning – meaning that something is genuine, unpretentious, natural.
They were an unaffected, charming couple.
He always seemed so rational and unaffected.
Her parents are very famous, but she is quite unaffected.
The second meaning is that something is not changed by another event or happening. In other words, we have just added “un” to make the negative adjective of affected.
The snowstorm shut down the airport, but my flight was unaffected.
He’d drunk a lot of beer but seemed totally unaffected!
The restaurant industry has not been affected by the poor economy.
Can you use unaffected in either way in a sentence?