reserved 控えめな

December 25, 2014 =========
☆ reserved 控えめな
Merry Christmas!!!
What are you doing today? Of course in Australia it is a public holiday today so we are visiting family and celebrating Christmas. I’m sure my kids will not be reserved at all!! Ha ha! I’m sure that the first thing they will do is rush to the tree at their grandma’s house and check for presents with their names on them.
Once they’ve unwrapped all their present, it will be another chance for them to be reserved and quiet, and say “thank you” politely… but I’m sure they won’t be reserved at this time either! Unfortunately, Christmas is really a time when most kids are disappointed – they have all these high hopes of what “Santa” will bring them, and if they don’t get those things and more, they will let you know how disappointed they are!!
How about in Japan? I guess kids aren’t really used to the custom of getting presents for Christmas right? From my time living in Japan, I felt that kids were far more reserved and polite in Japan than in Western cultures… what do you think?
Have a lovely day!