bubbly はしゃいだ

December 22, 2014 =========
☆ bubbly はしゃいだ
Phew!!! After yesterday’s deep (and depressing!!??) mail, let’s have a fun and bubbly mail today. 🙂
As an adjective, “bubbly” is used to describe someone who is very lively and talks a lot.
She is a bubbly girl who loves to laugh.
For a man, he has quite a bubbly personality.
Some other words you can use instead of bubbly are: lively, animated, happy and merry.
Also, “bubbly” can be used as a noun as another word for champagne. This is an informal word, but very commonly used. For example, if you went to a New Year’s party, the host would offer you some bubbly to toast the New Year in.
Can I get you a glass of bubbly?
The host gave me a glass of bubbly when I arrived.
A: Are you drinking tonight?
B: Only if there’s bubbly.
Is there a slang name like this for champagne in Japanese?