gathering  集会

December 16, 2014 =========
☆ gathering  集会
This is the time of year that there are a lot of gatherings, right? Have you been or are you going to any Christmas gatherings or end-of-year gatherings? In Australia, Christmas tends to be more important than New Year, so the 25th is when we usually have a family gathering, and then for New Year’s eve the 31st, we usually get together with friends. Since a lot of our friends have young kids, our New Year’s gathering tends to be a home party, so it’s lucky it’s summer, as that means everyone can be outside for a BBQ.
I guess it must seem strange to imagine being outside for a BBQ at New Year’s!! What kind of gathering will you have this year? Will you visit family or will family visit you? What about friends, will you catch up with friends at all? Will it be at a restaurant or pub or at your home? I hope you have some exciting plans coming up!