spirit 精神

December 15, 2014 =========
☆ spirit 精神
Your “spirit” is the part of you that is not physical. It consists of your character and your feelings. In English, spirit is similar in meaning to “soul.” There are also a lot of nouns made from compounds using “spirit.” Do you know any? Here are a few:
free spirit – someone who is a free spirit is independent and lives as they want to, rather than by following society rules or conventions. “I admire her, she is a real free spirit.”
kindred spirit – a kindred spirit is someone who has the same view of life or the same interests as you. “When we met, we knew immediately that we were kindred spirits.”
party spirit – being in the party spirit means that you are in the mood to enjoy a party or to have fun. “Have a drink, and get into the party spirit!”
team spirit – this is the feeling of pride and loyalty that exists in members of a team, and this feeling makes them want to do their best so that the team can do well. “I really love the team spirit in our office.”
Do you know any other “spirit” words?