approach  近づく

December 5, 2014 =========
☆ approach  近づく
There are a few different ways to use today’s word. Today’s meaning is similar to “move towards” or “come closer.” For example:
I watched him approach the front door from my window.
When I approached the students, they stopped talking suddenly.
Trains must slow down as the approach the station.
You can also “approach someone” meaning that you talk to them about something for the first time, usually to make an offer or request.
I approached my boss about a pay raise.
She approached her parents about moving to another city.
He approached several publishers, but none were interested in his book.
You can also “approach a task” meaning that you try to tackle or deal with the task.
I was interested to see how my coworker approached the problem.
We must approach this in a practical way.
Do you know the best way to approach the task?
Do you know any other ways to use “approach”? What are they?