uncover  明らかにする

November 25, 2014 =========
☆ uncover  明らかにする
The prefix “un” is added to the beginning of verbs to describe the reverse of a process. For example, today’s word, we can cover something, or we can uncover it. This in the simple meaning of the word, when we cover some specific thing.
For example, “cover the table with a tablecloth” or “uncover the table” meaning to remove the table cloth. Or we can cover a mark on the floor with a rug, or we can uncover the mark by removing the rug.
This word can also be used to uncover things that we can’t really see, such as feelings, or weakness, or information. Here are some examples sentences:
The police said they uncovered evidence of fraud.
He uncovered my weaknesses and exploited them.
I need you to uncover as much information about her past as you can.
She uncovered the truth.
Have you uncovered anything recently? What was it?