protect  守る

November 24, 2014 =========
☆ protect  守る
When you protect something or someone, you will do what you need to do to keep them from being harmed or damaged. Here are some examples:
We need to eat healthily and exercise more in order to protect ourselves from heart disease.
This jacket is not warm enough to protect me from the wind!
The police are here to protect us.
Do you know any other words to use instead of “protect”? Some are keep safe, defend, guard, look after, and safeguard.
An informal word you can use is “stick up for”. This means that you are protecting or supporting someone or some idea. This is a common word for kids to use when there is fighting at school. “We have to stick up for each other.” Or “John is a bully, but I’ll stick up for you.” Of course, adults use it too, “I don’t need your help; I can stick up for myself!” Or “My dad is the best, he always sticks up for me.”
Can you use today’s word in a sentence?