gauge  測る

November 8, 2014 =========
☆ gauge  測る
Have you heard of this word? It’s not used that often, but it is definitely a useful word to know. Basically, you use “gauge” when you want to talk about measuring something. When we gauge something though, we’re not measuring something concrete such as the distance or temperature. It can be used in those situations too, but in conversation, it is more likely to be used for more indefinite things such as “progress” and “risk”. Here are some examples:
Just by watching the news, it is hard to gauge how bad things really are.
How can I gauge the risk of having the operation versus not having it?
Are there any guidelines to help me gauge my progress?
The gross domestic product is commonly used to gauge a country’s economic situation.
Although it is definitely used in everyday English, a more common word is probably “measure” or “calculate.” So if this is a word you think might be hard to remember or use, then choose an alternative.