produce  生み出す

November 5, 2014 =========
☆ produce  生み出す
Today’s word is produce as a verb. It means to make, create or develop something. There is also another verb, “mass-produce” which means that something is made in large quantities, usually by a machine, and generally the product is sold very cheaply because of that.
The company produced communication systems for global companies.
We hand make all our products, so we only produce a few each week.
Compare this with:
Machines have helped us mass-produce shoes, so we can sell millions of stock each week.
Also, “produce” can be used as a noun, to mean food that is grown in large quantities.
Coffee is produced by roasting the seeds of a “coffea plant”. (verb)
One of Brazil’s main produces is coffee. (noun).
And finally, “product” is the noun that refers to goods that are sold in large quantities. In other words, food is called produce, things are called products.
Companies spend huge amounts of money advertising their products.
If you want to remember these different words, a Mind Map of the different uses could be helpful.