prioritize  優先順位をつける

October 26, 2014 =========
☆ prioritize  優先順位をつける
Do you know Brian Tracy? I’ve always liked his books and ideas, especially the “Eat that Frog” ideas for prioritizing. In that book he suggests that you eat your frog (i.e. do you most horrible task) first. Once you’ve done your most dreaded task, it will be easier to do the other things on your list. And generally, it is the worst task that we tend to put off prioritizing, so if we can do that first, then we don’t actually need to think about it anymore!
One other idea that Brian Tracy has that I like is about the four lists you need to have in order to prioritize more effectively. In the following article Brian suggests that you have four “To Do” lists. How many do you have? At the moment I have only one – a master list of all my To Dos in a big mess on it!!
He suggests that we have these lists: Master list, Monthly list, Weekly list and Daily list. On the Master list you have everything that you need to get done. Then at the end of the month, you plan for the month ahead by putting your tasks on the Monthly List. Then at the beginning of the week, you plan ahead and create a list of your To Dos for the coming week. Then finally, you plan each day by creating your daily list.
What do you think of this idea for prioritizing? Would it be effective for you or do you already have a good system?