suggest  提案する

October 24, 2014 =========
☆ suggest  提案する
If you “suggest” something, you put forward a plan or an idea for someone else to think about. For example:
I suggest you ask him more specific questions about the accident.
She suggested that we go out for dinner next weekend.
The teacher suggest that there was a link between class size and test results in elementary school.
You can also suggest the name of a person or place as a recommendation. For example:
Could you suggest someone to advise me how to do this?
My mother suggested we buy it from the farmer’s market rather than the supermarket.
The concierge suggested we eat at this restaurant.
When you use the verb “suggest” it is common to use a “that” clause after “suggest”. You can see that in my examples above, but here are a couple more to compare with and without the “that” clause.
I suggest that we let them do this. – I suggest we let them do this.
Perhaps you could suggest that he talks to his teacher about it. — Perhaps you could suggest he talks to his teacher about it
As you can see, there is no change to the meaning; it is just more common for native speakers to use “that” in this kind of sentence.