assure  断言する

October 22, 2014 =========
☆ assure  断言する
Today’s word means to make a firm statement or state something as a fact. Words with similar meanings that you could use are: promise, certify, declare confidently, guarantee or reassure. Here are some example sentences:
He assured me that there was nothing to worry about.
The government assured the refugees of protection.
I assure you that this mini-mail magazine will continue into the future. 🙂
We must find ways to assure our children are safe at school.
Also, you can use it in the phrases, “Let me assure you” and “I can assure you” in order to really emphasize the truth of what you are saying. In this case, this phrase basically means, “believe me”.
I can assure you that the animals are well cared for.
Let me assure you, this is quite an important matter.
Let me assure you that we will use whatever force is necessary to capture the criminal.
Can you assure me that you will use today’s word in a sentence? 😉