desire  欲望

October 17, 2014 =========
☆ desire  欲望
Have you ever noticed that you want something more if you have to wait for it? In English we have an idiom, “Desires are nourished by delays.” For example if you really want to visit New York, and your trip had to be postponed, then your desire to go on that trip would increase.
This is the only idiom I know that uses “desire” as a noun. In writing and literature, people talk about the “heart’s desire” meaning the person or thing that you want the most. For example, “She said she’d do anything in order to achieve her heart’s desire.”
Do you know any idioms using “desire” as a noun? How about as a verb? The most common idiom with “desire” as a verb is “leave a lot to be desired” meaning that something is not as good as you thought it would be.
The food at this restaurant leaves a lot to be desired. (It’s not as delicious as you were expecting.)
Her answer left a lot to be desired. (You were not happy or satisfied with her answer.)