require  必要とする

October 6, 2014 =========
☆ require  必要とする
If you “require” something, you need it or want it. For example, “Is there anything else that you require?” Or “We cannot guarantee that the item you want will be available when you require it.”
Can you imagine a situation when the above two sentences would be used? The first one might be at a hotel, where the staff asks a customer if they need anything else. They might say, “Is there anything else that you need?” but it is unlikely, and they definitely wouldn’t use “want” in this situation.
The second situation could be a comment on the sales page of a website. Or a comment that a sales staff might make to a customer. Again, they wouldn’t use “need” or “want” in this situation.
Essentially, “require” is a formal word, meaning “need” or “want” but because it is formal, it wouldn’t be used in everyday conversation. Formal conversations between a worker and a boss, a customer and sales staff. So, if you were talking with others, you wouldn’t say, “I require a holiday!” you would say, “I need a holiday!” or instead of, “I don’t require the book anymore.” you’d say, “I don’t want/need the book anymore.”