dramatically  劇的に

October 5, 2014 =========
☆ dramatically  劇的に
When I lived in Japan, I used the advertising on the trains to learn vocabulary. The Yamanote train was always filled with posters that had kanji on them that I didn’t know. I would try to guess the meaning and then check to see if I could find the word in my dictionary. If not, I would write it down to look up later in my Kanji dictionary.
You could use advertising for English study too. Can you get hold of English magazines? For example from the library? Or even free samples on a Smartphone or tablet? Today’s word is often used in advertising so you could get an idea of its usage.
For example, if you use our product you will get “dramatically different results” or “you will see that your skin dramatically changes within days” and so on. There is even a product called “Dramatically Different” by Clinique! So remember there are many different ways to dramatically improve your English vocabulary – and they don’t all have to involve textbooks. 🙂