slightly  わずかに

October 1, 2014  =========
☆ slightly  わずかに
Welcome to October. For some reason, the days feel like they are going by slightly slower than usual…well, actually I do know why – it’s because we’re heading toward summer, and so the days are actually getting longer, and the weather is better, too, so it feels like time is passing slightly slower than usual. You might have guessed that I love summer, and when I was looking at Facebook during our winter (Japan’s summer) I was slightly jealous of all the beautiful sunshine photos and beach pictures!
As you can see from my example above, today’s word is an adverb, and it is an “adverb of degree” meaning that it is used when you want to give “slightly more” information about the extent of an action or feeling. So in my example: slightly slower, slightly jealous. Here are some more examples:
They moved to a slightly larger house.
It is slightly more expensive, but it will last longer.
Each person learns in a slightly different way.
Can you use “slightly” in a sentence?