resolve  決断する

September 30, 2014 =========
☆ resolve  決断する
75 percent of the year is over!! But it’s not too late if you’re behind on your goals – resolve to reach them in the next three months and I know you’ll be able to do it!
Of course, there is also the question of whether you set goals back at the beginning of the year! Did you? If not, it doesn’t matter, because again, you can resolve to set goals right now and accomplish them within the next few months.
I follow the advice of a online “guru” who sets goals every quarter – in other words, every three months – she says this is easier, as many things can be focused on for 90 days, but if you go longer than that, the goals might seem too big. So even though you resolve at New Year to achieve all these great things by the end of the year, it’s easy to lose momentum, and forget about working on your goals.
Instead, a better solution is to break down the big goals into smaller ones that can be reached in a few months. Then resolve to reach those goals within three months and set new goals at the end of that three months.
So what are you going to resolve to do by the end of the year?