adverse  反対する

September 18, 2014 =========
☆ adverse  反対する
This is one of those words that is often confused, even by native speakers. Do you know the word that it is often confused with? That’s right, “averse”. In fact, it’s easy to confuse the two words, but their meanings are totally different.
Adverse – meaning unfavorable or hostile. It is never used when describing weather. For example:
The adverse weather conditions made landing the plane impossible.
He is suffering from the adverse effects from his medicine.
The government is trying to limit the adverse effects of climate change.
Averse – meaning unwilling to do something. It is an adjective also and is always used with “to”. For example:
He was averse to discussing his new job.
The prime minister was not averse to publicity.
She is not averse to drinking alcohol every now and then.