productive  建設的な

September 17, 2014 =========
☆ productive  建設的な
Have you ever looked at your energy and discovered when your most productive time is? Earlier in the year I did this – I was training for a marathon and found that I was getting so tired, and not getting a lot of work done… lots of running, but not much work! Obviously this is not a very productive way to live!
So I looked at my energy – and noticed that I was running in the morning – which is also when I felt most productive. Then I would do my English coaching sessions with my clients from mid-morning, and then my writing and other work in the afternoon.
However, by the afternoon I was so tired and I was no longer productive at all! So I changed things a bit and tested out different schedules such as doing my writing and other word in the early morning, and running in the afternoon or during my lunch break. This simple change has made me much more productive — most of the time!!! Ha ha.
How about you? Do you have a time of day when you are most productive? How do you make best use of your most productive time each day?