unresolved  解決されていない

September 15, 2014 =========
☆ unresolved  解決されていない
Do you have any unresolved things in your life causing you stress? It could be a big thing, or something small. In my case, my dogs like to be able to go in and out of the back door, but the screen door hinge is broken and so it always closes and they can’t get in (or out). This was so annoying! It was unresolved because I’m renting, so I can’t just buy a new door. And, I can’t ask the landlord, because he wants the dogs to stay outside *all* the time! So finally, after a lot of silly stress, I found a big block of wood that can hold the door open now! Ha ha, such a simple solution!
I actually heard a good idea for getting rid of unresolved things in your life. The idea was that if something in your life is unresolved and causing stress and it has bothered you 3 times, then it is time to create a solution.
In other words, if it happens once or twice, it’s not so important and there isn’t any need to spend time thinking about or creating a solution. However, once if it has happened three or more times, such as in my annoying dog door story, then it is time to create a solution. Do you have anything unresolved in your life that has bothered you more than three times? What solution can you find for it?