compromise  妥協する

September 3, 2014 =========
☆ compromise  妥協する
If two people compromise then they reach an agreement in which both of them give up something that they had originally wanted. In a simple situation, a parent and child might compromise about bedtime, the mom says 7:00pm, the child says 8pm, so they compromise on 7:30pm. Of course, you can compromise in more serious situations, such as governments compromising with other governments. Here are some examples sentences:
This is my house, so my rules, I will not compromise.
They reached a compromise over when the debt would be repaid.
The NRA refuses to compromise with the government on tougher gun laws.
Her husband was willing to compromise on the divorce settlement but she wasn’t.
Can you make a sentence using compromise? Be sure to use it as a verb, not a noun – it is quite often used as a noun, but not today!